Just for CPA’s

Do you have clients .  .  .

  • Operating in more than one state?
  • Questioning their sales tax collection obligations?
  • Accepting sales tax exemption certificates?
  • Facing yearly sales tax audits?
  • Preparing for a significant change in their business?

“Part of maintaining your role as a client’s trusted business advisor means acting as the client’s quarterback and having a network of professionals to engage when the client’s needs are outside of your capabilities. You don’t need to have all the answers; you just need to know where to find them”
– Journal of Accountancy, May 2012

As a CPA, your clients expect that you have the skills and resources to help them with all of their tax problems. If your firm does not have the required internal resources to provide this assistance, your clients expect you to have a professional network of skilled resources that can assist them with their problems.

When it comes to helping your clients with sales tax issues, Interstate Tax Strategies, P.C. is the only resource you need. We work with local and regional CPA firms from across the U.S. to provide one-time and ongoing sales tax consulting services for their clients.

Benefits to using Interstate Tax Strategies (“ITS”)

Using ITS as your firm’s sales tax resource allows your firm to:

  • Deliver robust sales tax solutions with no out-of-pocket costs
  • Confidently serve clients in an area of growing complexity
  • Maintain and strengthen client relations by having an immediate resource to call on
  • Earn revenue by using ITS as a sub-contractor for tax matters
  • Keep competitor CPA firms from approaching your clients with sales tax services
  • Stay abreast of sales tax issues affecting your clients by subscribing to the ITS newsletter

Consulting Services Provided

For a full description of the work ITS provides, Click here.

In addition to these services, ITS also partners with several high-quality sales tax return preparation companies and sales tax automated solutions providers. ITS is your one-stop sales tax resource.

Working with ITS

Working with ITS is easy and does not involve any contracts, payments, or long-term commitments. We can work as a subcontractor for your firm or we can work directly with your clients upon your referral. We have no preference. Just contact us at info@salestaxstrategies.com for more information on working with ITS or to schedule a no-cost discussion about your sales tax needs.

Free Situation Discussion

We encourage and welcome calls from CPAs to discuss your client’s sales tax situations. Please call 770-985-9573 or email info@salestaxstrategies.com if you have any questions or concerns you wish to discuss.

Let Us Help You

Our mission is to help your business understand and navigate the increasingly complicated interstate sales tax landscape. Regardless of your industry, if you operate in more than one state, you are an interstate business and you must evaluate the sales tax rules in each state where you conduct business. Even if you are only in one state, don’t assume your sales tax processes and procedures are correct. Each year, states collect millions of dollars in taxes, interest, and penalties on audit from businesses who thought they were handling their sales tax properly.

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